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Can I have some bananas? [More than one banana, but any small group is okay.] 3: Some can be used in questions when we expect that the answer will be 'yes'. Mr and Mrs Brown live in Paris but_ son lives in London. Test 5. Fill in my, your, his, her, our. He's been waiting_ three weeks 2. 1some 2any 3some 4any 5any 6some 3. 1her 2him 3he, me 4I, their 5her 6his 7your 8mine 6. 1 I control the profits of my company by myself 2 Director decides on which associated with hiring and. Упражнение Вставьте some, any или no. 1. We haven't got milk. We can't make an omelette. 2. Bob always likes sugar in his coffee.

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'Some', 'Any', and 'No Article'

Some categories of people demand special attention concerning their rights. Were you happy when you were; 9. Are you talking to yourself? 1. 2. The first vacuum tube computer was built at Iowa University at about the same time as the Mark I. How long have you had; We hardly watch any television. When was the first car constructed; What will he do next year, finishes, will enter; I hate you to ask silly questions. In a relay computer was built in Germany by Conrad Zuse.

When we use any in this way, it's most often used with singular countable nouns: It was the largest electromechanical calculator ever built. So he`ll take book you have. Has your bag been found Test Has he ever been, has; 2. Click the answer buttons to see the answers. Exercise 2 Fill in the appropriate reflexive pronoun or each other 1 A: Test 6 The following are possible answers. What were you reading; There is a red tomato to the left of the cucumbers.

I saw George walking along the street. It used 45 vacuum tubes for internal logic and capacitors for storage. 1) [-]any/some. Where did you spend, spent; Do you have any letters for me? They are jurors, aren't they?

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What are you doing, am preparing, How long have you been preparing; 6. The machine was not confined to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. There are two cucumbers on the shelf. Although its operations were not controlled electronically, Aiken's machine is often classified as a computer because its instructions, which were entered by means of a punched paper tape, could be altered. I don't like apples.

It was relatively reliable, and operated hundreds of hours before failure. Answer some. Have you seen; 8. I have ___ time to chat with you now. I'm busy.

I'd like any potatoes, please. The teacher said we might go home.Choose the appropriate pronoun(s). Only ___ of his friends came.

Negative sentences. Types of questions.

The ABC The work on introducing electronics into the design of computers was going on. Has your composition been written yet? Do you see; There is no tomatoes in the salad. Babbage's Analytical Engine In , an English inventor and mathematician Charles Babbage was commissioned by the British government to develop a system for calculating the rise and fall of the tides.

When we use some , we don't say the exact quantity, but we could probably find it out if we needed to. How will you get to the party?

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There is some cabbage behind the tomato. When the three bears came home, Mother Bear said, "1)_of the soup has gone!" The little bear looked in his bowl and said, "There is 2)_ soup in my bowl! His father isn't an expert, is he? Will you go; 6.

'Some', 'Any' and 'No Article'

I think the trouble is that of them know about his disappearance. Did you see, was wearing; 9. He must have already been learning this poem for an hour. When did he get; What's wrong with Tom and Henry? 1. It had no mechanical moving parts. I'll probably ask my dad to give me a lift. - No, she isn't, she is an engineer. Was the weather, were; We've got some banana.

Some, Any or No

She didn't buy any tomatoes [negative sentence]. No, there isn't any hot chocolate in the cup. Some, Any or No.

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